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Featured Course: Sculpting Figure Forms in Clay

Discover the art of expression with our upcoming Sculpting Figure Forms in Clay course with experienced creative instructor Jim Bruce, This class is designed for adults ready and eager to explore the fascinating world of figurative clay sculpting.

In this class, participants will explore intricate details of the human face, learning to create realistic noses, eyes, ears, and mouths. Each facial feature will be a separate project, allowing you to focus on perfecting the unique techniques required for each one. Our supportive environment ensures that both beginners and those with some experience will find the process engaging and enjoyable.

This hands-on course promises to be a rewarding journey into the subtleties of facial sculpting. You'll gain confidence as you work with clay, transforming simple materials into expressive features. The course structure, which emphasizes independent projects, provides ample opportunity for creativity and personal growth. Join us for an enriching experience that combines artistry and skill-building.

Spaces are limited, so sign up now and start sculpting your way to a new artistic adventure!

To learn more about the class, check out the resources below and don't forget to register!

Sculpting Figure Forms in Clay Workshop starts July 10th at 5PM with instructor Jim Bruce
Class Starts July 10th!


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