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How To Register for Community Interest Classes


Register through our Online Registration Portal HERE.

Call (510) 231-1453 and press 0 to get a hold of our office staff

Register in person at our Alvarado Campus:
5625 Sutter Avenue, Richmond, CA 94804
Mon-Wed   8 am-7 pm
Thur-Fri   8 am-4 pm

Payment Methods (may vary): Credit/Debit Card, Check or Money Order (payable to WCCAE), Cash

Classes for Adults with Disabilities:

Students Walking Home
Classmates in Library
Lecture Room
Adult Education Course
College Student

Community Interest Fee Schedule -

  • The costs of running classes are built into the fee structure.

  • In most classes, 10 students are required to start a class at the stated fee. If fewer than 10 students enroll in the class, hours of instruction may be decreased or the fee may be increased for the class to continue.


Note:  Due to state budget cuts that have been imposed on California Adult Schools, there is no state funding for classes. The entire cost of instruction, use of facilities, clerical and administrative support is built into the fee structure. Fees have been set to provide maximum services at the lowest possible cost to students. Senior discounts do not apply.


Community Interest Refund Policy -

  • All requests for refunds must be in writing (email accepted).

  • Class fees will NOT be refunded for any reason if written request is less than two (2) business days BEFORE the start of class.

  • Refund requests incur a $25 service charge per class.

  • If a class is cancelled by WCCAE for any reason, a full refund will be made automatically.

  • No refunds are provided for books.


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