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Skillful Start: Embracing Trades in the New Year

The new year is approaching fast, offering a fresh opportunity to set and achieve goals  and at West Contra Costa Adult Education students embark on a journey of acquiring new skills and fulfilling careers. At West Contra Costa Adult Education, we are dedicated to fostering growth and providing opportunities for individuals to expand and skillfully develop. The trades industry is one you can do that and more, offering numerous pathways for personal and professional growth, making it an excellent choice for those seeking diverse opportunities. This January, we are pleased to offer a variety of trade courses designed to expand your knowledge and stimulate your mind. Our courses include Welding, Home Repair and Carpentry, Electrical Controls, Electrician training, and more!

Explore the possibilities in one of our upcoming Trade Skill courses. Whether you're looking to enhance your existing skills or explore a new field, our diverse offerings cater to a range of interests. The new year presents the perfect moment to invest in yourself and gain valuable expertise. To discover more about our Trade Skill courses starting in January see below:

Take charge of your future and transform your dreams into achievements.




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