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4 Weeks

About the Course

Learn how to set up books, process business transactions,and do end-of-period reporting for a simple business. Becomefamiliar with depreciation, bad debts, and leave the classknowing the Accounting Equation.

First 4 classes will be preparation for Comprehensive Exercise and last 2 classes will be independently completing Comprehensive Exercise and review of completed Comprehensive Exercise with teacher’s assistance. Course recommended before taking QuickBooks. Textbook required; ordering information will be sent upon registration.

(e-book $32; print version $61).

Textbook required; ordering information will be sent upon registration.

Section: 11701.02

Dates: April 8 - May 13

Days: Mondays

Time: 6:30PM - 8:30PM

Location: Alvarado Adult School

Cost: $86

Your Instructor

Kathleen O'Neill

About the Instructor

With over two decades of experience in education, I hold a master's degree in Human Resources and Employment Relations. My expertise lies in workforce development, and I currently serve as a full-time Business Finance teacher and department chair in Sacramento, California. My passion centers around fostering career pathways and nurturing entrepreneurship. I bring a wealth of knowledge and dedication to empower students on their educational journey, helping them navigate the dynamic landscape of business and finance.


You define success. We help you get there.

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