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St.John's Community Center Seniors




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About the Course

St. Johns Seniors Center is designed for individuals aged 55 and above looking to stay active, engaged, and creative. This class offers a variety of activities and opportunities for seniors to explore their passions, learn new skills, and connect with like-minded peers in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Course Activities will include:

  • Watercolor Painting:

  • Jewelry Making:

  • Needlecraft (Knitting & Crocheting):

  • Ukulele/Performing:

  • Card Playing:

  • Seated Yoga Exercise:

  • Yoga

  • Guest Speakers:

Course Highlights:

  • Build lasting friendships

  • Embrace a sense of purpose and fulfillment through creative expression and physical activity.

  • Stay mentally sharp and socially connected

  • Encourage lifelong learning and personal growth.

This group meets on Tuesdays | 9am - 3pm

Interested in joining this group, please call (925) 628-9325


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