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Microsoft Excel Tips & Tricks




3 Weeks

About the Course

Are you overwhelmed with working with lots of data on large spreadsheets?  Are you looking for efficient ways to work with exported data? 

The tips and techniques taught in this course will help you work with data in a variety of time-saving ways. Topics in this course include using techniques to work with large datasets, managing the data, and preparing data for further analysis.

Learn the power of Tables and PivotTables to analyze lots of data in large spreadsheets. Students will learn the fundamentals of using Tables to return subsets of data and perform calculations based on those subsets. 

Learn the power of PivotTables to summarize data from large spreadsheets. Students will learn how to use PivotTables to create a variety of summaries using a variety of data lists.

Are you tired of copying and pasting data from one workbook to another based on a match? Learn how to use the VLOOKUP function to efficiently match up data between databases.  We will work with a variety of lists and learn how to pull data from one spreadsheet to another based on specific criteria.

Be prepared to use your creative and critical thinking skills to reach final data outcomes.

English | Español

Your Instructor

Joann Miller

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