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Adult Students

Adult Basic Education

Free classes to help adults improve their reading, writing, math and computer skills!

Our classes could help you improve your skills:

To help your kids with school

To understand important information

For work

To manage your money better

To use a computer or phone with more confidence

To become better equipped with using technology

To be more confident around others

To prepare to study for your High School Diploma or GED

Get Ahead with Adult Ed flyer - West Contra Costa Adult Ed offers free programs such as Adult Basic Education, English as a Second Language, Citizenship, High School Diploma and GED classes.

In Adult Basic Education, we’ll look at what your goals are and what you need, then we’ll give you individualized instruction to help you meet your goals! 

Students and Teacher in Classroom

​This class will help you:

  • Understand what you read

  • Read at a higher level

  • Improve your vocabulary

  • Improve your thinking skills

  • Use math in everyday life


You define success. We help you get there.

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