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Ba Duan Jin (Qi Gong Form Class)




July 15 - August 5


About the Course

Discover Ba Duan Jin, also known as the Eight Brocades! This form of Qi Gong offers a relaxing fusion of body movement and breath, with roots tracing back to 2,000 years to the legendary Shaolin Temple in China. Ba Duan Jin welcomes everyone, regardless of experience or physical ability. Whether you're practicing from the comfort of a chair or gracefully moving through each posture, the essence remains the same -- a harmonious blend of body, mind, and spirit. Sitting meditation will also be apart of the class as well as a brief set of warm up movements.

Section: 70115.00

Dates: July 15 - August 5

Days: Monday

Time: 10:00am - 11:30am

Location: Alvarado Adult School

Cost: $47

Your Instructor

Jerolyn Miner

Jerolyn Miner

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