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From Heart to Paper Writing Workshop




3 weeks

About the Course

This workshop is for both fiction and non-fiction writers at any level. In addition to instruction by a seasoned writer and publisher, it gives the student time to write and the opportunity to give and receive feedback for their own work and revise, if desired. Each workshop is dedicated to a renowned author whose work and experience are presented as examples of literary achievement to learn from. For example, when the late poet Mary Oliver was featured, we read excerpts from her A Poet’s Handbook along with her acclaimed poetry.

Section: 01265

Location: Alvarado Adult School

Dates: July 11 - August 8

Days: Thursday

Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Cost: $72 # of Meetings: 5

Your Instructor

Margaret Murray


You define success. We help you get there.

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