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Cinematic Arts - How to Tell a Story




4 Weeks

About the Course

In this class we will explore the storytelling impulse humans have invoked from oral histories, to literature, and how narratology evolved into Film. This course will include discussions of theory, techniques, terminology, history, framing, editing, genres, sound, costumes, the functions of cinema, auteurs, and selections from some of the most known, many unknown, and even experimental films. The aim of this class is to become familiar with the multitude of artistic processes/styles/strategies that will enhance one’s ability to better appreciate the art of storytelling. Experience the myriad of thematic investigations filmmakers and the vast number of artists involved present as a final cut.

Your Instructor

Phillip Kobylarz

Hello Everyone! I’m very excited to be teaching this class for the first time. My formal training as a sculptor comes from my time at the Academy of Art University where I completed a Masters Degree in Art Education in 2017. I’ve been a teaching artist at the Richmond Art Center since 2014 where I have taught mixed media, drawing and animation to youth both at the center and in the community. I’m currently a member of the Dogtown sculpting community in Berkeley.

View examples of the instructor's past work here.

View examples of a couple Youtube videos featuring recent art shows here.

Read more on the instructor here.


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